Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Hello all my blogger friends, I know it has been awhile since I have left a post I have been busy getting ready for my first meeting of my young women ministry. As you can see my title for this post is suggestions. That is exactly what I am needing from those who stop by and visit. This ministry is for young women in the age bracket 17-25. My goal for starting this is so the young women can get the basis of what is to walk in the Word and to live according to God's will. Learn what their purpose and destiny is. To know what God expects of them and to know how much he loves them. So my blogger friends if you have any suggestions for me I am open to any and all. We all are a part of any work that is being done in the name of Jesus. So lets let the suggestions begin.

My first meeting is February 28th from 1-3pm at Ark Christian Center KCK


  1. I think one great area would be to help young women learn to be satisfied, content, confident and blessed by who they are in Christ. Help them to understand they don't have to live up to the worlds ideals as to what a woman should look like, etc. Young women are bombarded with what the media thinks a woman really is and it usually is far from what reality.

    In Him,

  2. Even if they are saved they need to LEARN and RECEIVE that JESUS LOVES THEM. Many Christians live defeated because they really don't know HIS LOVE truly.

    Bless you as you move forward prayerfully so that you hear the Lord's direction in what to minister.