Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blog Award Recipients

This is my list for the Lemonade Stand Award. Each one of these recipients I enjoy and get so much encouragement,insight,and joy when I read their blogs. They touch the very deep of my soul. (I enjoy each time I come to your post thirsty and partake of the living words you post) (I have been able to witness how you have become a diligent seeker) (your post show so much compassion in the things around you) ( your post are like a ray of sunshine on my spirit) ( your post are true to the title of your blog passionate pursuit) ( God has chosen you to be His instrument in writing with the deep knowledge of His word)

If any of you have not visited these blogs take some time and do so,believe me you will be glad you did. Its like coming to the well and having a drink of Living Water

All recipients need to pick 3 to 8 bloggers they want to honor and post their sights and then contact the winners so they can pick up their award.


  1. Hi Sis,
    (((Hugz))) Thank *U* so much, Your blog always reminds me how I'm empowered by the Holy spirt, and can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. May you continue to ignite the flame in all who come here, I know you have done so for me.

    Luv ya Lorie

  2. WOW - i love your blog look!! And of course your blog is great!! How do i "pick up" my award? Haven't quite figured that out!! :-) Thank YOU for awarding ME the Lemonade stand award - thank you for reading my blog!! It is all HIM!

  3. Dear Stephanie

    Thank you so much for the award and your words. I am blessed. It is interesting you mentioned my compassion. I have been thinking about that word all day. In fact, I am tearing up at the thought of compassion. Jesus had compassion on all that He made. A man in a prayer ministry said this to me a few years ago after I shared some of the things I was doing in ministry with others. "Barbara, God is growing compassion in you." I have been thinking about that today as I brought lamps, bedding, furniture, pictures, food, etc in the Village. Thanks for the award. I know it represents God's smile on me. B

  4. Stephanie, to God be the Glory! Thank you so much for this award....I lay this down at the feet of the master, Jesus Christ! Be blessed my Sister1

  5. Stephanie - You always bless me and I thank you so much for this! You are a precious sister in Christ and I am always inspired by your writings.

    Our God is so good. He has just thrilled me over and over with His love for me.

    In Him,

  6. Congratulations to you Stephanie and all the precious sisters in the Lord that you listed. Many of whom I know and are such a blessings to all.

    God bless!