Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Beginning of Transformation (Chapter 2)

I have always felt that there was something else I should have been doing in my life. My days and weeks consisted of going to work and Church on Sundays. I knew in my spirit that there was something missing. So I began to pray and ask God to send me someone who would give me that incentive to become more involved in serving God.

I had a co-worker who invited me to go to a evening program at her church. I went and I was really feeling enjoying the program. Then it happened they had a Prophet there and for some reason I wanted to just leave the building. In the back of my mind I remember being taught to be aware of false prophets. Well he asked everyone to come up front so that he could lay hands on them, of course I stayed in my seat. As the line got shorter he looked out in the audience and knew I had not been up so he called me up front. I went very slowly, when it came time for him to lay hands on me he told me that I had a peculiar spirit. Right then I was like to myself he really is off base. Then he told me that I was not suppose to be here, and I proceeded to tell him that I was invited. He said no that is not what I meant,you were not suppose to be born. Wow, that really blew me away and I knew then he must be one of those false prophets.

Little did I know that God was placing me back on the right path getting me ready for my purpose. One morning me and my mother were at the table and for some reason she started talking about how her pregnancy was when she was carrying me. I found out that my mother had a very difficult pregnancy with me,and that after she delivered me they had to resuscitate me. When she told me all this I shared with her about the prophet,needless to say we both just looked at each other and began to cry. So even when I was in my mothers womb the enemy tried to destroy me. That is why I love the song God Blocked It by Kurt Carr. That song is definitely my testimony.

My prayers were answered God sent a lady to our church and we just really connected. It is through her I am now involved in 2 bible study classes for women. I graduated in December from the Purpose En Route to Destiny classes. Through these activities I now have more involvement than work and Church. God is so good to us sometimes that we do not realize it. I thank the Lord each day that I came to realize all that he has for me.

I am a Preacher and Evangelist I would have gotten on the right path eventually but I am sure the Lord said this child needs a push. It is so amazing to me know all the things that I do now I have become a diligent seeker of his word. I am more knowledgeable of his word than I have ever been.

It has been about 2 weeks ago and I spoke at a High Rise for senior citizens. The title of my message was All Things Work Together For Good. The day that I was to deliver this message I was very worried that I would not deliver it right. So I kept going over it until God said put it away you cannot mess it up it comes straight from the Bible and those are my words. So as I was giving the message it was like I was outside my body,the words that I spoke definitely came from God. When I had finished there was a lady that came up to me and she said I enjoyed the message and now I have Hope. Wow,me who was once lost in sin,the Lord has come into my life and I have given someone hope.

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  1. Good Morning Stephanie! Thank you for visiting my blog and dropping comments! They are very encouraging; God does work all things for good! He is amazing isn't HE!!?

    Have a blessed day!