Thursday, January 22, 2009

A word from God

This morning before I rose out of bed God gave me a word and that word was PREVAIL. After researching the meaning this is what I found:

1. to gain the advantage or mastery; be victorious; triumph: often with over or against
2. to produce or achieve the desired effect; be effective; succeed
3. to be or become stronger or more widespread; predominate
4. to exist widely; be prevalent

I thank the Lord for this word, after yesterday feeling that I had become lazy on my calling from the Lord, he gave me this word to let me know that my ministry will prevail.

Oh what a mighty God we serve


  1. Thank you for your prayers and wonderful Word over us, Stephanie. I love how God has used your words to couple with a sermon I heard just yesterday. In the power of the Holy Spirit...we shall walk.

    Much Love,

  2. Came by to thank you for sharing your story of your miracle today... Blessings