Wednesday, January 21, 2009

In The Widerness

This morning I woke up feeling that I have become lazy on what God wants me to do. Have any of you gone through this feeling that you have lost your zeal? This is new to me I have always had this fire burning under my feet that would just keep me going. But for some reason today I do not have it. I have been reading my daily devotions,praying,praise and worship but it seems as though the fire isn't ignited today. What do you think that means?

Before I wrote this I did not have a title and then as I was about to publish it the Lord spoke and gave me the title. So not only answer what you think this means but also answer this question have any of you been in the wilderness and if so what did the Lord require you to do? For me he has told me to just cry out to him in prayer and worship.

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